What are Lanyards?

Lanyards are a commonly used product that was first created for use in the military. By definition, this item is described as a type of rope or cord that people wear around their necks, while others wear them on their wrists. Most people use lanyards in order to carry an item that they do not wish to lose. This type of cord usually comes with a clip or other type of snap attachment, which makes it easy to affix to the item of your choice.

There are a variety of items that people attach to their custom lanyards in order to make sure it is readily accessible. For example, whistles are often attached to a lanyard and are often used by coaches, referees and other similar individuals. By having the whistle on the rope or cord, this makes it convenient to use at any time. Because of the popularity of electronic devices for use on the go, more and more people are using their lanyards to keep their USB flash drives, digital cameras and even MP3 players close at hand.

Perhaps the most popular use for a lanyard these days is to display employee or student IDs. This is mainly done for security purposes. More and more businesses and schools are now requiring people to wear a lanyard while at the office or on campus in order to make sure that people are easily identifiable. For the office, employees regularly wear their lanyard IDs—some even come with a special bar code that must be scanned in order for the employees to gain access to certain parts of their building.